Nn4 h record book judging form for cooking

Chili judging sheet great chili should look good, smell good and taste good. General characteristics would include symmetrical shape with a flat or slightly rounded top, good distribution of ingredients, moist and tender, free from tunnels, and a pleasing flavor. Poultry judging is an excellent opportunity for youth to learn about live birds and the basis of grade and quality of poultry products. See cooking 101 for a checklist of recommended items. Create a portfolio for project presentation see below. Those not wanting to submit their recipe for the anniversary cookbook needs to submit their recipe by monday, october, 2008.

Judging baked goods baked goods are displayed in competition to illustrate the high quality of the workmanship. The 4h cooking series teaches youth about food preparation, food and kitchen safety, food science, meal planning and nutrition. Meat judging videos cev multimedia lists 40 video tapes on carcass and wholesale cut judging, beef grading, and retail cut identification. Each district extension council may enter teams of three or four enrolled 4h members equal to the number of counties comprising the extension district. Please call me at 2550510 and let me know if you can help. Each manual builds on the skills learned in the previous level and members complete project activities for each level in two to three years. For a current listing of meat evaluation products go to. Since baked goods are made to be eaten, tasting is an important part of judging food. A green 4h record book cover, solid three prong or acco type folder, 3 ring binder x x x x record book application both sides completed 4hhc1527 revised september 2007 x x judging criteria sheet 4hsbc1518 revised march 2008 x x x x title page x x.

It is a collection of the aboveaverage recipes from 4h favorite foods day since 1978. Here are some points to remember when judging baked goods. Clubs must turn in the member completion list to the county. Many 4h members will never enter their 4h record book for competition. Topics include understanding and preventing foodborne illnesses, thawing frozen foods, proper knife techniques, how to read nutrition facts labels, and how to make soups, rice, pasta, and other foods. The valuable life skills, reflection, goal setting, and growth of a 4h member are the most. Include 4 h awards from judging contests, outstanding 4 h member, record book awards, spirit awards, county, district and state level programscontests awards and recognition. My 4h food and nutrition record book 4h268 page 2 endofyear signatures at the end of the 4h year, when your record book is complete, your club leader will ask to see this record book. To become a learning experience, it is important that the 4her knows the probable cause of a less desirable product. I still have some of them and look through my collection at times to find that recipe i cant wait to make again.

This certificate will serve as a record of each years project work and accomplishments. Cooking competition we are looking forward to this years cooking competition. The 2010 results in the national 4h meat judging contest, which was held at kansas state university, were wyoming having the top team with 2,177 points. Completed record books should be included in the 4h member portfolio. We developed the following resources to clarify what information is needed in each section. Sadly for some, happily for one, every cookoff has a winner and choosing that winner is almost as much a process as the cooking part. As you fill up a section you can download additional. Preliminary information member followed all directions and record book is assembled in the correct order. All records needed for record keeping of all 4 h projects. Specific information, judging requirements and judging dates. They should set the standard of excellence for the product. Cleanse your palate between tasting each different chili. Exhibits you put in the fair but did not carry as a project can also be listed here.

Record keeping requirements each year members ages 8 and up must choose at least six learning activities or leadership experiences to complete a project. Individuals may enter the national 4h food challenge contest only once. By signing below, i am stating that i am familiar with this work and, to the best of my knowledge, the information included in this record book is complete. The first cookbooks i owned were those paperback 4h versions of cookbooks. These activities and the date on which they were completed are recorded on the project achievement record book, found in the cass county 4h record book. Remember, adult supervision is always recommended when kids do. Each cup of chili is to be judged on five 5 criteria to arrive at one wholenumber score of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. When the reasons are known, corrections can be made in the form of oral or written comments to the superintendent or the exhibitor at the time of judging. The florida 4 h state website offers some of these books and other educational books for online purchase. All record books need to be turned in to clubs before october 1.

All members learn to judge by placing a class of four articles, comparing them to an ideal, and giving oral reasons to a person using the judging format. Senior 4h members are often ages 1419 or in grades 9 thru. Club meetings will be held on the first monday of every other month march, may. You can use old family recipes or new and imaginative ones. Record books should be separated by project area ie. Judging teaches 4h members to make decisions based on quality, voice their opinions, have self confidence, and improve their memory and public speaking skills. I have fond memories of making these oatmeal crispies during my 4h days and especially in my moms kitchen with her many times. County check sheet a county check sheet must be included with 4h record books entered for state judging.

Create a notebook 4 h record book folder or three ring binder for each project record book. Lets get cooking with 4h bureau county 4h federation on. All record and project books linked here are pdf format and can be printed on your home printer. Record book is printed using the current years forms, on traditional paper forms. Each books should have all the pages, offices can help make copies of current years personal page and current years permanent record. Please call the 4h office at 80998202 to register for contests. Judging recognizes outstanding features of a particular item. The dog judging contest a guide for 4hers, leaders and parents the 4h dog judging contest is a challenging and fun event that encourages youth to learn more about dogs and to practice decision making sk ills.

The 4h cooking club meeting of 2016 will be held march 7. A completed record book must be submitted for each project a member enrolls in. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our 4 h staff by calling 9418615000 or emailing 4 h @ county fair showcase. Cooking projects ui extension 4h youth development. Below you will find 4h project information, judging requirements, and guidelines specific to wood county 4h. The top individuals in the national judging performed a tight race with the eight. Cook off fundraising ideas fundraisers bash baking school recipes bread making bbq. The process and formatting of a 4h record book will depend on an individual 4h members age, experience, and whether the book will be entered into for competition. My 4h project record book a general purpose record book. National 4h meat identification and evaluation contest. My 4 h food and nutrition record book 4h268 page 2 endofyear signatures at the end of the 4 h year, when your record book is complete, your club leader will ask to see this record book. Recipes for cooking with kids check out these recipes for creative ways to spend time with your kids.

While judging by taste is always going to be subjective, the goal of any judging process is to limit that subjectivity as much as possible. When completing a project record for a project carried over from another organization i. See our form and document help page for instructions on how to download and fill out the documents listed here and elsewhere on this website. Record book judging tom green county 4h building, san angelo, tx. Each county extension council may enter one team of three or four enrolled 4h members. If a record is not complete, each member has until october 25 to work on hisher record and bring it up to the minimum standards for completeness. This manual was prepared as an aid in teaching beginners, as well as experienced individuals, to properly evaluate eggproducing hens, and to apply usda standards in grading readytocook poultry and eggs. Applicants will receive a certificate of yearly participation listing all of their project areas. The national 4h dairy project books provide good information and a variety of content in three separate books. The dairy resource handbook is a required companion to any ohio 4h dairy project. Brown butter garlic honey roasted carrots recipe via rasamalaysia. The curriculum comes as looseleaf paper to make it easier for youth to pull out recipes. Certain contests require additional information to be submitted at registration. Complete all project guidelines 1 through 4 listed on page 3 of the project book.

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